Time can be really tough on things. We came across gorgeous double shaded wall lamps which were in bad shape. Something had to be done. But how does one restore brass?

We just followed step by step the technique of a French website (toutpratique.com).

  • wear gloves then mix 500ml of white vinegar and boiling water in a basin,
  • immerse the object
  • then clean it and rub it with a sponge sprinkled with salt,
  • immerse it again
  • rub it a second time
  • immerse it 10 more minutes if necessary
  • take it out rinse it with tepid water
  • clean it with soap and water,
  • dry it
  • polish it (we used the finest steel wool size triple 0).

The first bath takes the green stains away and leaves the brass with a touch of pink but after the final polish : Waou!

Looking for brass items to try out the technique ? #brass .


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