• Homemade shades by Lamp&Co

    We often come across solitary lampstands, crying out for a lampshade. We love braided string pendants & having discovered the rope shades of the 50’s we have started making our own . . . the lonely lampstands should now be happy! Take a lampshade frame, a coil of rope, wool, linen or thread and hey …

  • Back from Morocco

    Initially all we had planned was a family holiday break in the sunshine before Winter set in. And Morocco with it’s perfect climate definitely renewed our stock of vitamin D . . . However Morocco has other things on offer, particularly in terms of interior decoration : beautiful arts & crafts everywhere. . . There …

  • A touch of vintage furnishings in the bathroom.

    Warm up the atmosphere in your bathroom using vintage pieces. They really add a sense of coziness. #Wall lamps or a beautiful #mirror will do this discreetly. #Hangers are also essentials in a bathroom. If you really want to go for it, then select an attractive piece of furniture: Incorporate the sink in a vintage …

  • How to restore brass

    Time can be really tough on things. We came across gorgeous double shaded wall lamps which were in bad shape. Something had to be done. But how does one restore brass? We just followed step by step the technique of a French website (toutpratique.com). wear gloves then mix 500ml of white vinegar and boiling water in …

  • Jens Quistgaard

    Jens H. Quistgaard (1919-2008)

    Jens Harald Quistgaard (1919-2008) was a Danish sculptor and designer who became famous with his work for the American firm Dansk Designs. He worked there as head of Design for more than thirty years from 1954 to the beginning of the eighties. His tableware and kitchenware were produced and sold worldwide and soon became the symbol …

  • The 2017 Fontainebleau Christmas fair

    The third edition of the Fontainebleau Christmas Fair will take place next week end (9th and 10th of December) at Fontainebleau’s city hall. As every year you will find different people and their treats of plants, clothes and crafts. Reelbooks will be here with its English specialities (mince meat, crackers, christmas puddings and cards) and …

  • The necessity of a Vintage Shelf.

    Just to prove to you that you can’t do without one, check out our displays – Show off your beautiful tableware – Works well for children’s toys – Great for hardworking, hyperactive, connected people – A rare find for the compulsive collector – For you indoor herb garden, a perfect fit! – Convenient in a …

  • Marcel Gascoin (1907-1986)

    Marcel Gascoin (1907-1986) Marcel Gascoin was born in Le Havre France in 1907 into a family of sailors. At a young age he was inspired by the precision of interior boat design. He first studied cabinetmaking and carpentry and then architecture with Henri Sauvage at les Arts Deco in France. In 1930, he was invited …

  • LampAndCo’s 2016 interiors.

    A nature inspired room for your child, a cosy living room to enjoy with your friends, a homely open space where to live and work. A come back to a zen lifestyle … – Biny, Bonderup & Thorup, Chaty Vallauris, Dansk, Willem Hendrik Gispen, Poul Hetborg, Mathieu Mategot, Hans Olsen, Jens Quistgaard, Tobia e Afra …

  • LampAndCo @ Anglosaxon Fair in Fontainebleau 2016.

    Hosted by the Fontainebleau City Hall, here is the second edition of the Anglosaxon Christmas Fair. We welcome you from the 2nd to the 4th of December for a modest sample of European Mid-Century Design, as well as many other treats from the UK and local English community. Have a lovely week-end. Lorenzo & Charlotte

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